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Select area of your screen that you want to screenshot. The easiest way to help you create custom videos, no design skills needed. So on this part, through my test, I recommend an online tool for you. Wireless support Get help with your wireless device, plan, and more. Hold down the Windows Key () and press thePRINT SCREEN key.

If the PrintScreen button doesn’t work, you can follow the solutions below to solve it. This software is quite effective and interesting to capture the screen and many people around the world are using it frequently. The option to download it for free is a big plus apart from the other cool features present in it. When you search for how to take a long screenshot on PC, this tool awaits your presence. If your type cover has a PrtScn key, you can take a screenshot by holding down the Windows key on your keyboard and pressing PrtScn. The screen will be saved to the Screenshots folder of your Pictures library under This PC.

Create a screenshot on Gnu/Linux

Alternatively, you can press the Windows key + fn + PrtScn button to save the screenshot directly to Pictures folder without pasting it anywhere else. If more than one is showing, it captures everything shown on all of them in one image. This, though, just sends the image to the clipboard and does not save the image automatically.

  • Whether you’re working with an old version of Windows 7, or the newest version of Windows 10 on a brand-new Surface laptop, you have tons of options for taking screenshots.
  • The user first needs to identify the menu one wants to capture.
  • Windows 10 machines come with a new screenshot capture combination.
  • How to Reset the Screenshot Index Counter in Windows 10 Sometimes it’s simpler to show someone what’s on your screen than it is to explain it.

Photobucket is a free service that allows you to upload and share images on your computer so that other people on the Internet can view them. To use Photobucket you must first register at their site. Simply fill out the form and follow the instructions for becoming a free member of their site.

Record your screen and camera

For example, you may want to take a full screen or part of the screen on your device. Or you may just want to screenshot the window you open. Select the screenshot that you want to upload to Facebook. You can hold “Ctrl” and click multiple screenshots to select them or press “Ctrl-A” to select all items in the folder. Hold the “Windows” key and then press the “Print Screen” key to take a screenshot and save it on your hard drive automatically. Select the area you want to capture with the cross sign.

When you hover the cursor on Open with, you will also see Choose another app option. Right-click on the screenshot and hover the cursor over Open with. For more information, here is a simplified list of free OCR solutions and this one for paid OCR options . Thought your edits were stuck on your image forever like with Microsoft Paint? Hover over this source an annotation to move it or delete it if you like.

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